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Self Storage Liverpool

Are you moving to a new house, renovating or have you run out of space at home?

Do you need somewhere to store your tools or furniture for a while?

Are you renting your property and need somewhere to store your belongings?

Perhaps you’re a student in need of somewhere to store items in between term times?

No matter what your needs, Britannia Fleet Liverpool can provide you with a bespoke self-storage solution that’s just right for you, at a price that won’t break the bank.

High Quality Self-Storage Solutions

We are always focussed on delivering great service for our customers. Our latest improvement involves a large investment in expanding our 24/7 self-storage capabilities.

Back in 2015, Britannia Fleet invested in 18 self-storage units, of various sizes, with 24/7 access. These proved to be very popular and have been occupied for the majority of this time. With constant demand for more units, we decided it was time to expand and have just received 29 more units, with the same specifications as the originals.

We offer both short-term storage solutions, as well as more permanent storage options, meaning your goods can be left in our safe hands for as long as you need.


Complete Freedom & Control

In addition to the cost benefits, self-storage from Britannia Fleet gives you complete control over your possessions, even when they’re not with you.

You can retrieve and store items whenever you want and come and go as many times as you need to, with no additional charge.

So, whether you are storing items for a week, a month, or even over a period of years – you’ll be able to check in on your items until they are ready to be released.

Our purpose-built facility has free parking, wide corridors and easy access points, making storing large, unwieldy objects as simple and convenient as possible.


Secure and Safe Self-Storage Units

Your peace of mind is our top priority and therefore all of these units are insulated to protect from the cold and vented to avoid any damp/moisture. They are self-contained and lockable, with 2 separate locking hoops.

We take security seriously and all our storage containers come are situated within our CCTV monitored, gated access, highly secure yard. We are pleased when our yard is often referred to as “Fort Knox” by visiting clients.

With competitive insurance rates and additional security, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’re looking after your furniture, sports equipment, camping gear or whatever else that’s currently filling your garage with clutter!


Most Common Uses for Self-Storage

Needing more space at home?

Our self-storage solutions are perfect for storing extra belongings that just don’t have a special place in your house anymore. It could be short term for some extra space whilst the in-laws stay or more longer-term solutions for possessions that you just can’t throw away. Items ranging from beds, fitness equipment, bookcases and sofas are all able to be stored in our easy access storage units. You might be getting prepared to move to a new house and just need some space to collect furniture along the way.


Moving to a new house and need some extra space?

To avoid losing a sale people are increasingly needing to vacate their old homes before their new house is ready. This is where self-storage is the perfect solution. We have a variety of sizes that can accommodate your needs from studio flats all the way to 8-bedroom houses and all the extra rooms that come with that. If you’re downsizing, then using a storage unit provides extra time to sort through your belongings whilst you decide what to keep.


Renovating your house and need some short-term storage safe from all the mess?

You may be having a go at some DIY yourself or you’ve got the professionals in to build an extension, either way, using self-storage to keep your furniture and possessions safe is a great use of our facilities. We offer short term contracts with flexible access to suit your needs.


Need some extra space for tools and machinery?

Do you often worry about leaving your tools in your van overnight? Do you have a garage that you’ve finally got around to sorting and realised you have a lot more tools than you thought? Our self-storage solutions are provided with a personal access key meaning you can take advantage of our high security storage and visit at times that suit you.


Christmas is here, and you now need to make some space?

At this time of year, we see huge increases for storage as often people need to make room for their Christmas decorations and trees. Once Christmas is over and it’s time to take your decorations down, simply let us know and collect your belongings at your convenience. This keeps a clear home and makes the festive period all the more enjoyable.


Have you finished University and are now considering a gap year?

Taking a year out after finishing University is common place before starting your career. Whilst you’ve been at University you will inevitably build up a collection of possessions that can’t all come travelling with you and there may not be space at Mum and Dad’s any more. This is where our low-cost self-storage units come in handy, let us look after your belongings whilst you see what the world has to offer.


Are you a student in between student homes?

You may be wanting to return home during summer holidays but not take all your belongings with you to then have to bring them all back again a few months later. Utilising our self-storage units, you can store your students’ essentials like your sound systems, sofa and television. We even offer mobile storage, so we can collect your goods and drop them back off when you’re ready.


Been offered your dream job abroad and need to rent your house?

We are increasingly experiencing that people are moving abroad for work and are renting their house. Not only can we help with the house move abroad but we can help you store any valuable possessions that you aren’t taking with you whilst you’re away. A small price to pay for the peace of mind whilst you’re on the other side of the world!


Why Choose Britannia Fleet?

Britannia Fleet have been providing storage solutions in Liverpool for over 40 years. We are proud to be acknowledged across Liverpool, Merseyside and Worldwide for our award-winning removals and storage services.

If you choose to use our storage solutions, you will benefit from:

  • Being part of the UK’s largest network of removal and storage companies
  • A full choice of storage units from 10 – 8,000 sq. ft
  • Competitive rates and discounts for long term storage containers
  • Instant access to your own dedicated storage space
  • Cost-effective insurance

For further peace of mind, you may be interested to also know that Britannia Fleet are accredited with BS EN 12522.

Not only are we an accredited removals and storage company, you can also read direct feedback from our customers on our testimonials pages. We take pride in all of our work, regardless of the size of your storage needs.


Self-Storage: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is self storage?

A: Self storage allows you to self store your possessions at your own convenience. You lock your secure and safe storage unit and it remains completely untouched until you next choose to access it.

Q: At what times can I access my self storage unit?

A: You can access your unit during normal working hours, so long as it is pre-arranged.

Q: Are any other people able to access my self storage unit?

A: We require written notice from the account holder to allow access. Only if we have been given permission in writing by the account holder, can anybody else access your consignment.


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