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Secure Shredding Liverpool

Do you need to destroy your confidential documents securely?

Are you looking for someone you can trust to take care of your commercial shredding?

Are you compliant with the latest GDPR regulations and how you handle personal data?

Is your office starting to look cluttered?

Whether you’re looking for domestic or commercial shredding, here at Britannia Fleet Liverpool we have the tools and the capacity to provide a cost-effective solution and secure solution.

Shredding Machine

Commercial Shredding

Based in our Knowsley site we have the latest shredding technology. As part of modern compliance and data protection how you store and destroy information is crucial. We offer confidential storage to ensure you are compliant with data handling legislation. Once you no longer need your documents we can then oversee the secure destruction giving you full peace of mind.

Small Businesses – often extra space is hard to come by within small businesses which is where our secure storage and shredding services come in handy. From financial reports to personal records we can store and shred all your business documents.

Medium to Large Businesses – we operate regular collection and shredding services which are most suitable for medium to large size businesses. We can visit as often as required and provide your office with the necessary space to maximise business operations.

All confidential data is loaded onto one of our secure fleet vehicles to be transported to our depot for shredding.

If you are preparing for an office move and are sifting through old files and documents, why not take advantage of our business storage to give you more for de-cluttering.

Following every shredding service, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction which confirms that your documents have been securely and confidential destroyed. Not only does this give you full peace of mind, this also allows you to demonstrate compliance for your audit trail that your information handling policy is in line with latest legistlation.


Domestic Shredding

Are you moving house and not had time to de-clutter? Our domestic shredding service allows a cost-effective and hassle free way of keeping your information safe and secure. We also offer domestic shredding services in Liverpool.

Sensitive documents can easily pile up at home and with identity fraud on the rise, it’s important that these documents are destroyed securely.

We can collect your sensitive documents from your home and bring them straight to our depot for disposal. We also offer household storage, should you require more time to sort through your documents and then simply pass the remaining documents to us and we will confidentially dispose of them.


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If you have any further questions or unsure where to start then phone us direct on 0151 482 0432 and we will be happy to assist you.

For further peace of mind, you’ll be glad to also know that Britannia Fleet are accredited with BS EN 15713 and all of our workers are fully qualified and safety trained.

If you are looking to find out more about our shredding costs, you can complete our quick and simple shredding quote form here and one of our friendly and knowledgeable team will be in touch.