Move to Austria with Britannia Fleet Removals

Britannia Fleet Liverpool are happy to announce that they move people across the whole of the European continent, on a weekly basis. One of the most regular destinations is Austria, for many a reason. The usual removal begins in Merseyside and consists of a full packing service (recommended but optional) and transported by road to your door in Austria, fully unpacked (recommended but optional) on a flat surface of your choosing, and removal of all unwanted packing materials (if unpacking service is included). Should you not be ready for your belongings in Austria as soon as you get there, for instance, you need time to find a suitable property, Britannia Fleet Removals will be happy to provide you with a cost effective household storage solution. The business is proud to say that they alleviate much of the stress usually associated with the removal process.


Facts about Austria


Sporting Prowess

As a landlocked country, Austria is surrounded by Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. With this in mind, Austria doesn’t have much to offer for a beach enthusiast, however winter sports enthusiasts will be in their element in this nation. With the beautiful Alps taking up over 60% of the land mass, this is one of the most popular ski destinations on the planet.

There are over 800 ski resorts, spanning over thousands of kilometres of ski runs and cross-country skiing trails. Austria plays host to many prestigious winter sporting events and if you are not too keen on skiing or snowboarding, there is also skating, curling and tobogganing on offer.


Cultural History

Austria has a full history of folk and musical culture, influenced highly by its neighbouring countries. Over the years, many a famous and impressively talented person has come from Austria, including Sigmund Freud, Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Haydn, Shubert and Johann Strauss to name but a few. No doubt you will have heard of a Freudian slip, or danced to the Viennese Waltz, or simply listened to one of Beethoven’s many symphonies.


Driving Rules

The Austrian authorities are very strict with regards to driving, penalising any infringements, including speeding and drink-driving, with on the spot fines and potentially a prison sentence. A full UK licence should suffice if you wish to drive, but be advised to always carry your licence, documents and some cash, in case of fines. Please be aware, should you wish to drive on the motorways in Austria, you will need to purchase a vignette, which is to be displayed on the windscreen.


Healthcare System

The Healthcare system throughout Austria is very good, although can be very expensive, therefore it is highly recommended to have health insurance, in case of any large doctors bills. If you have a valid European Health Insurance Card, you should be able to receive low cost, or even free, medical treatment. If you are employed in Austria, then there will be a deduction from your salary, rather like National Insurance in Britain.



Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the office on 0151 482 0432.