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Moving house is said to be one of the most stressful things you can go through in life, but we’re here to let you know that the efficient use of a self-storage unit can make it so much easier. You may find yourself asking: why you would need a local self-storage unit? Well, here are our top five reasons explaining why opting to use a Britannia Fleet household storage facility is a no-brainer when moving house, wherever you are in the Merseyside area.


1. You may need to declutter before the big move

When the countdown to moving day is on, trust us when we say this is the time that you’ll fully appreciate just how much stuff you own. In terms of keeping costs down, the fewer journeys we’re required to make to transport your things to our facilities, the more money you’ll save. So it makes sense to declutter your house as much as possible first in order to ensure you’re not paying to have belongings transported that you’ll end up throwing away. The perfect excuse for that spring clean you’ve been putting off!


2. You may be ‘between houses’

With the current Coronavirus situation, this is a common problem with many of our customers. You may find yourself because of this, or for a host of other reasons, unable to move into your new home on your expected date. Perhaps you’ve been forced to stay in temporary lodgings, such as at the homes of friends or family members. There may be enough space for you and your family – but where does that leave all of your belongings? That’s where Britannia Fleet can help with one of our storage unit facilities. Whether you’re in Huyton or Southport, our team of professionals come directly to you to transport your possessions to one of our secure storage units. The best part? You won’t have to lift a finger or worry about a thing.


3. Your new home needs some TLC

When upping sticks, it’s normal to want to make some adjustments to your new home. However, some homes are less inhabitable than others when it comes to moving day. If your new home is in need of serious renovations or redecorating, you may wish to keep your possessions out of the property until walls have been knocked through, or paint has fully dried. You’ll find it much easier to get all of these jobs done without the worry of damage to your furniture. That’s where a Britannia Fleet self-storage unit can come in handy to help protect your belongings from any accidental damage. No paint speckles on the sofa or damp ruining your favourite dining table. Happy days.


4. You’re moving for work

We specialise in Merseyside office moves, from Speke to Southport and everywhere else – but it can often be the case that our customers are required to move further afield for work. If your new living arrangement is part of a corporate moving process, you may want to keep some of your belongings tucked away in a self-storage until you are either settled or able to come back home. This is a good option for anybody moving into a short-term leased property that comes already furnished, or for anyone who is temporarily downsizing and needs a safe place for their items to be kept. Whatever your circumstances, your belongings can be stored locally with Britannia Fleet at low weekly rates for as long as you need us to take care of them.


5. You want to take your time

All too often people feel a huge sense of urgency to rush the moving process along and get everything into a new property as soon as possible. This is undoubtedly one of the main factors that can make moving such a stressful experience. Unpacking slowly and simply taking your time can make moving a more mindful experience and ease you into the process if you don’t like to do things in a hurry. A self-storage unit can help to alleviate the pressure when it comes to the mad rush of moving day, allowing you to deep clean your new property first and plan exactly how you’ll use each room. When you feel ready, our team of professionals will then deliver your items straight to the doorstep of your new home.

If you’re looking for Merseyside self-storage for your treasured belongings, look no further than Britannia Fleet. As you can tell, we understand the needs and mindset of our clients and appreciate the importance of keeping your belongings safe and protected during the moving process. Our team of qualified professionals can be deployed to whenever you are in the region to help transport your things to one of our safe storage units based in Knowsley.

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