Country Living: The Pros and Cons of Moving to the Countryside

Living in the city has its benefits. Your local supermarket is within walking distance; you can keep a short work commute. However, there are many downsides to living in urban areas.

Traffic in the city is renowned for how nightmarish it can be. Living in the city is significantly more expensive. Some downsides are more aesthetic; ask yourself, when was the last time you saw the stars from your home?

If you’re tired of living with the frustrations of city life, you may consider country living as a solution. Living in the country gives you more space from people and often a greater sense of peace.

Deciding between town and country living involves many questions of pragmatics and preference. To help you sort through these concerns, we’ve prepared this guide to the pros and cons of country living. Read more to decide if this lifestyle is right for you!


Pros of Country Living: Lower Upfront Costs for More Spacious and Luxurious Houses

It’s no secret that living in the city costs money. A one-bedroom flat in England charges an average of £758 for rent. The costs only increase as you scale up your flat.

Things become a little trickier when comparing housing prices. Some studies show that buying a country house is more expensive than buying a house in the city.

However, these studies don’t often examine the difference in housing sizes. In cities, especially our largest ones like Birmingham or London, living spaces are often more constricted.

Moreover, because of the constant demand in cities, these homes remain at competitively high prices. In contrast, country living housing prices are often more affordable and less competitive.


Reduced Cost of Living in the Country

In the country, you can often purchase more space with less money than the city allows. However, that’s not the only bargain price you’ll find in rural areas. Anyone accustomed to city-centre prices will suddenly find their money lasts much longer in the country.

Rural areas typically provide cheaper amenities, shops, and evening outings. For example, most leading supermarket chains offer lower prices in more rural settings.

However, depending on the area, you may find these savings offset by rising utility costs. For all its inconveniences, the city does provide increased access to things like high-speed broadband connections. Rural areas may find themselves lacking in such resources.

Another increased utility cost to consider is the price of heating and cooling for your country home. These houses typically include home heating oil tanks that can prove more expensive over time.


Greater Freedom and Increased Connection to Nature

Throughout human history, cities have been more crime-ridden and dirty than rural spaces. If you want a quieter, cleaner, and safer place to live, you may want to move to the country.

This sphere is where rural and small-town living truly outperforms urban settings. These areas have much more space, allowing you a greater sense of privacy. Rural houses are also more likely to include gardens, which make them excellent spots for growing families.

Country homes also have another excellent advantage over their city counterparts. When you buy a house in the country, it allows you to get in touch with nature. Living in proximity to nature has several benefits for both your physical and mental health.


Cons of Country Living UK

There are many excellent reasons for moving to the country. However, some people are more likely to thrive in urban environments than in the country.

Cities offer some advantages that the country cannot match. We’ll spend the rest of the article examining some of those benefits.


Fewer Professional Opportunities in the Country

If you’re somebody who places significant emphasis on your career goals, the country may not be for you. Most leading businesses headquarter in large cities. In many industries, the top roles can only be found by those with easy access to urban centres.

If you live in the country, you may not have public transportation to take you to the city. In such cases, you’d have to purchase a car. This expense would add to your cost of living.


It’s More Difficult to Get Around in the Country

Cities provide a robust infrastructure that allows getting from point A to point B with ease. You can walk to most places you need to go, or you can take public transportation.

If you live in the country, you may find yourself separated from the places you need to go. You’ll likely have to purchase a vehicle, which brings with it several expenses. It requires you to manage car payments, maintenance costs, and ever-fluctuating petrol prices.

Moreover, urban areas provide many more amenities than their rural counterparts. In the city, you have your choice of libraries, gyms, shops, and any other place you like to spend time. Cities also have more medical facilities and police services.


The Country May Not Provide Your Hobbies

With the advent of the Internet, we live in a more global and connected world than ever before. One side effect of this connectivity is that people often find themselves immersed in obscure or uncommon subcultures.

If you live in the country, it may be tough to find people who share those interests in common. In the city, however, there’s a place for every type of person. The increased number of bars, restaurants, and social spots makes it easy for you to find like-minded people.


Weigh Your Priorities to Make Your Choice

When deciding between urban and country living, ultimately, you must choose what’s most important to you. Do you want a peaceful place to raise a family? Do you want to feel like a part of your community and live closer to nature?

If so, country living suits you perfectly. If you’re in a different place, though, and focus more on your career and a thriving social scene, the city is best for you.

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