Thinking of Moving Office in Liverpool? Here’s Where to Start

 5 Tips On How to Prepare Your Office Move

Moving office affects not only the employees and the people responsible for the moving process but the whole business in general. The more time it takes for you to move, the longer it will take to recover the productivity of your team. Hours or days lost to packing, moving, and various setbacks due to poor planning can all cause a significant financial loss to your company.

Needless to say, a solid moving plan and professional help are crucial to complete the most cost-efficient office relocation. Here are five tips from Britannia Fleet Removals to help you move the office with minimal stress and mishaps.


  1. Declutter your office.

Clearing out the space is important even before you start planning the move, whether you’re relocating to a new house or an office. Getting rid of old IT equipment, outdated office supplies, and ancient documents can be extremely beneficial when you need to move. It will allow you to objectively evaluate what furniture, tech, and even plant pots you need to place in your new office. Furthermore, it will be much easier to fit fewer boxes or chairs when loading the van.

There are some practical ways to get rid of the clutter, such as digitalising physical papers (scanning them onto the computer or a hard drive) and selling unnecessary furniture on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Bear in mind that selling online might take more time than expected so make sure you give it up to a few months, depending on the size and the price of the items you aim to sell.


  1. Plan your new office interior.

Whether you wish to expand or downsize your office space, it is essential to evaluate the space where you will need to fit all your appliances/IT equipment and furniture. Furthermore, knowing the exact place you will put these items can help you save time when unloading the belongings into your office. Assess the furniture size and desk location – typically closer to the windows to give enough daylight for you and your team.

Locate the sockets and cables to ensure you will be able to safely connect all equipment. Alternatively, estimate the necessary extension cables, including the health & safety cable mats to cover any hazardous wires on the floor. If you’re not sure what the best interior choices are for the new office, hire an interior specialist to evaluate the space and help you make these important decisions. After all, your office environment directly impacts the productivity of the entire team.


  1. Appoint a team to take on specific tasks.

It is extremely stressful trying to juggle all moving tasks by yourself while running a business. Help is underrated when it comes to moving, and relocating a whole workplace is not any less of a task. If you aim to maintain productivity in your office throughout the move, it might be worth considering a removal company to deal with the planning and packing chores.

A team of professionals can streamline the process by taking control of as much or as little of the physical process as possible, be it transport, logistical planning, physical lifting, or even just protecting your more precious items during the move – they can help in many ways. However, there are still some tasks that might need individual attention, so the best practice to avoid any forgotten last-minute tasks is to spread the responsibilities between you and your appointed assistants.


  1. Find the right moving company.

Hiring the right office moving company is crucial to reducing unnecessary stress. Experienced movers will save you time on packing and transporting your office goods safely which, in turn, will prevent your business from a financial loss.

Your office will be able to return to a normal workflow in no time and the risk of damaging any items or rented office surfaces will be insignificant. Removal teams are highly skilled in protecting the room access to avoid scratching any door frames, floor, or walls. Furthermore, most companies offer insurance for your move as the risk of any damage is extremely low.

To find a reputable, licensed company, do some research first: ask other companies about their previous moving experience, read reviews, and ensure the moving company you’re looking to hire is within your area, to save any extra transportation expenses and to stick to your time frame. For example, Britannia Fleet Removals is a top-rated removals company in the Liverpool area for both, house and office removals.


  1. Communications – Change of address

Before you move office, it is important to notify your clients, providers, and associates about the upcoming changes. Make sure you alert the energy and utility providers weeks in advance to avoid delays – It will only hold up the office work if you have no water/heating or internet in your new place. This mistake would inevitably lead to a bigger economic setback for your company.

Appoint a person to create a list of all the people that need to be notified. Creating a notice message on your website or a newsletter can also be a great and practical way to alert all your clients so make sure this is prepared with your marketing team in advance.


Moving office might seem like a long and dreadful project but there is no need to worry if you have a reliable team to count on. You can continue running and growing your business while a team of experienced movers handles your relocation plan. Get in touch with Britannia Fleet Removals for a free moving survey and a quote to move your business!