If you are a small office moving to new premises, you may think you can do it all yourself. But, are you aware of the pitfalls of not using a professional for your office removals?

You are opening yourself and your employees up to unnecessary risk. Health and safety is such a big thing. Can you really risk a possible accident and all the difficulties that may bring in terms of legal action and compensation, as well as medical bills? All this could be avoided by using our cost effective office removals service.

Plus, why would you want your employees to stop what they are doing and move equipment and boxes from one building to another? You pay them to keep your company going, and any hours when they are packing and moving out they are not doing their jobs and your business could be losing money because of it.

Can you trust them not to disconnect the wrong wires, or not to drop expensive equipment? You can trust Britannia Fleet Removals, as we do office removals every day. Plus, everything we do is insured.

We can even manage your office removals project from start to finish and arrange it around you and your business to cause as little disruption as possible.

Call us today on 0151 4820432 to discuss your office removals requirements and see how Britannia Fleet can keep your business moving.