Moving to Australia – Fleet Removal’s Guide

When moving to Australia Fleet Removals should be your first point of call.

We advise when moving to Australia that it is a wise idea to arrange your removal company six months prior to moving if able to, however if you do not have six months’ notice please give us a call and we can see if we can accommodate the move.

With sea freight to Australia taking up to ten weeks, it is smart to start packing boxes a few months in advance, especially if you are sending them ahead of your arrival.

Air freight when moving to Australia is the quickest option, however it is a lot more expensive. For air freight cost is determined by weight rather than by volume for sea freight.

Our packing experts can help with Britannia Fleet Liverpool packing service, giving you more free time to organise everything else, leave the stress to us.

For insurance purposes, you should mark each box with contents. It is better to be safe than sorry which such a long journey overseas.

If you’re considering your move to Australia or require anymore advice give us a call on 0151 482 0432 or request a quote online.