Moving Abroad: 5 Things To Consider

Once you’ve chosen the options for your dedicated move plan for moving abroad, whether that’s by air or sea, you’re nearly ready to go. Before you make the move, make sure you discuss with us the options for the following…


1 – Moving Your Pets

If you’re a pet owner, we know how important it is that your pet is able to travel to your new home with as little distress as possible. As part of the Britannia Group of movers, we recommend PetAir UK, who will oversee your pet’s move to another country. It’s best to give them as much notice as possible, as there may be permits and vaccinations may need to be sought before your pet travels. If travelling by air, PetAir UK will make sure your pet travels comfortably in the heated and fully pressurised livestock hold. You can even be on the same flight if you wish.


2 – Moving Your Car

If you’re in need of a vehicle at your new home and would prefer to take your current car, we can arrange for it to be shipped along with your household items. We can offer this as part of a sole-use container, or as part of a shared consignment. See more information on our international shipping.


3 – Changing Currencies

Finding the best money exchange when moving abroad is important to make sure you don’t miss out, or lose a chunk of your savings to commission fees. If you’re moving abroad, buying property overseas or transferring your savings, ask us for expert advice.


4 – Storing Items 

We’ll store any furniture not needed immediately in our secure storage facility in Liverpool. If you choose this option on the day of removal, our team will bring storage containers directly to the property and you can oversee the process to make sure everything is to your satisfaction. As a member of the Britannia Group of movers, we have access to a number of storage depots across the UK, so if you require storage in a different area, we can make it happen.


5 – Pension Transfer

Our experts can talk you through the pension transfer process when moving from the UK to Australia or New Zealand, we will even start the process for you before the move.