A Complete Guide to Self Storage Options

Does the thought of moving house fill you with dread? It’ll come as no surprise that a recent poll found that half of the people surveyed found moving house more stressful than they anticipated.

There’s so much to organise, and if you’re downsizing, there’s the stress of sorting through all your stuff as well. Sometimes the pressure to move fast can be overwhelming. This is where self storage options come into their own.

Storage units take the pressure out of so many moves at different times in your life. Let’s have a look at everything you need to know about self storage.

What Is Self Storage?

Self storage provides a secure unit for you to store your possessions in away from your home. It’s like renting a garage, but so much better.

First of all, the facility is specially designed for people storing their belongings. It’s purpose-built, with on-site parking that’s easily accessible. There’s plenty of space so it’s ideal for moving furniture safely from your car or van to the unit.

Safe and Secure

The thought of entrusting your belongings into someone else’s care can be daunting. But with a self storage facility, you’re in complete control. You decide how to arrange your items in the storage unit.

You then make sure that it is securely locked before you leave. Monitored, 24-hour CCTV gives you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. Plus, you can take out insurance to protect you in the event of loss.

Self storage units are insulated to protect your things from the biting cold of the Merseyside winter. They’re also vented, to prevent the build up of condensation and mould.

24/7 Access

Storing your things away from home may seem inconvenient at first. But you can access your storage unit any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. This leaves you in complete control.

If you get a last-minute invite on a camping trip, there’s no need to worry. Pop down to your storage unit at 1 am if you like and pick up your gear.

It’s also good to know that no one can enter your storage unit without your written permission. So you can have peace of mind knowing that no one else can interfere with your belongings while they’re in storage.

Flexible Contracts

Lots of people only need short term self storage options. This is ideal if you’re moving house in a hurry and need somewhere to store your extra stuff.

But you may have equipment or furniture that you only use occasionally and don’t have room for in your house. Self storage can also be used for this kind of long-term storage. Consider it an extra storage location in your home, like a garage or shed (but better).

Why Rent a Self Storage Unit?

The most common reason for renting a self storage unit is a house move.

To break a house moving chain, you might decide to move into temporary accommodation. The chances are you won’t be able to fit all of your stuff in your temporary place. Self storage can be a great stopgap to tide you over until you make your final move.


If you’ve decided to downsize, it can take a lot of time to sort through all of your possessions. The house moving timescale may simply not give you enough time to do as thorough a job as you would like. Moving some of your things into a self storage facility can give you the time you need to sort through them properly.

They’re also a great option if you need to move in a hurry. This could be due to a divorce, or you may need to store items when a parent moves into a care home.

Travelling Abroad

The chance to work overseas may suddenly present itself and be too good to miss! Or you may choose to take a gap year between University and starting work.

If you decide to rent out your home while you’re away, you’re going to need somewhere to store all your personal items. Storage units are the ideal place. They’re insulated and ventilated, meaning your items stay in great condition.

They can stay in one place for the duration of your time abroad. Then they’re ready and waiting for you on your return.

Home Renovations

Chucking a dustsheet over your furniture might be ok if you’re having your bathroom done. But if you’re having a whole house renovation or a major extension, self-storage is the best option.

It’s a great way to protect your belongings. All the dustsheets in the world will never keep everything out. By putting your stuff into storage while you camp out with family, you can make sure everything stays in tip-top condition.

Check Out Self Storage Options at Britannia Fleet

Self storage is the perfect solution for anyone who is renovating, moving house, or has simply run out of storage space!

Whatever your circumstances, there are self storage options that will work for you. Talk to us about contract terms, unit specifications, and whether the units are right for you.

At Britannia Fleet, we pride ourselves on the quality of our self storage options. We have 47 storage units of various sizes. With 24/7 access, CCTV, and a purpose-built facility, we make self storage as easy and convenient as possible.

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