Relocating to France this year? Fleet Removals will help to make the transition from here to there as easy and stress-free as possible.

France is a popular choice for Brits emigrating, due to the culture, warm temperature in the South and better quality of life.

235,000 people relocated to France in 2013 and the number is rising, so if you’re considering moving to France from Liverpool or the North West, let Fleet Removals take of the stress out of the move for you.


We offer many methods of transportation depending on your budget and your desired time frame. We provide container shipments which can take several weeks to arrive or, if you’re wanting something faster, we suggest air transport to speed up the process.

If you’re unsure which method is best for you send us an enquiry, and our friendly team can give you the support you need.


Here at Fleet Removals we have trained packers to help take the stress out of one of the most time-consuming elements of relocating, whether you’re moving down the street or abroad. We can pack and wrap all your items and ensure their safe transportation.


If you’re bringing your furry friends along with you then we can arrange that too. We can organise the paperwork, veterinary procedures and the transport of your pet with our specialist shippers who have over 40 years experience, giving you less to worry about.

If you’re moving to France then there’s no better time to get in touch with Fleet Removals; our helpful team can help guide you through the process. Call us on 0151 329 0435 to discuss your requirements today. We offer our services across the North West including Liverpool, Preston, Southport, Warrington, Lytham and Blackpool.

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