Commercial Removals in Liverpool

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Commercial removals can mean anything from a shop or warehouse relocation to moving school or hospital equipment to another premises.

Commercial Removals in Liverpool

At Britannia Fleet, our highly-trained commercial removal professionals will look after your goods and ensure they get to their destination in the same condition as they left you.


We can provide packing materials to suit any kind of products, so large quantities of fragile stock can be moved, as well as any other items which need to make the journey. By understanding your business and the space to which you are moving, our staff can help to make the proceedings as efficient and straightforward as possible.


We can allocate somebody to help manage the entire process, organise logistics and offer advice, where needed. Health and safety is a key priority for any move, but specifically commercial removals where our staff could be handling anything from precious artefacts to toxic chemicals. We are fully trained in all aspects of health and safety to ensure your move is completed without danger to us, yourselves or the general public.


What we offer is a service to rival many other commercial removal companies, with the attention to detail you have come to expect from Britannia Fleet.